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Moonflower yoga is a safe place. Here we are all one.

We are all equal. We are all a community. 

Yoga means Unity. Its the breath we take, Its the space we find. The movement we bring. The Stillness we seek. 

Here at Moonflower Yoga you will find everything yoga! 

Meditation, Breath work, Mantras, Stillness and Movement.

To cultivate a sense of coming back home to ourselves.



Based in Sunny Morecambe Bay, North Lancashire.

After many years of attending yoga classes, and seeing the benefits of not just my own but from fellow class students, I knew I had a calling to teach myself.

To be able to offer this ancient practice to others with my own personal experience. Having suffered with mental health issues, I used yoga as my method to escape the constant noise in my head. Over time that noise became less and less. I could suddenly hear the birds again, I could hear other beings and engage with them. I could hear my heart again. And I believe it was the help of yoga to awaken me, once more.

If I can help just one student awaken to themselves again, then my intention to become has a teacher has been fulfilled!

In the midst of the gloomy year of 2020 when lockdown began in the UK, I seized this opportunity to begin my teacher training. By November 2020. I had completed 200HR TT in Ashtanga and 50HR in Yin.

With a further 200HR in Power vinyasa, July 2021. 

And Yoga Trapeze in January 2022.

I will always be a student to Yoga and life!

My intention is that I can help you find space within your inner world to become still, quiet and at peace. I like to guide you to feel less stressed and more energised. For you to be back in control of your health and wellbeing, and in return from this, your body will also become stable, stronger and flexible.

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Current live classes on zoom.

Easy like Monday Morning.
Monday 9.30am  60 mins

This class is for all levels. Powerful vinyasa to enable us to connect breath to body. Whilst creating our inner fire to help us release toxins, and stagnate energy.


This class will help you gain strength and flexibility to your physical body. Whilst re- focusing your mind to your breath. This practice will give you the awareness to feel and listen to your body and its requirements.
Best way to begin a new week!

Flow & Breathe
Tuesday 6.30pm 75mins

This class will focus on the quality of your breath whilst you flow. It will create discipline to move guided buy the breath, not what the move "should look like"

This class will build strength, and flexibility. Discipline and awareness to your body.

Class is suitable for all abilities.

Bedtime Yin & Nidra

Thursday 8pm  60 mins

Yin yoga is where we hold yoga shapes for a length of time. During this time, it allows us to work beyond the muscle into our connective tissue (known as fascia), joints, ligaments and tendons. Yin helps to hydrate these areas, allowing fluidity back into movement. reducing pain and stiffness. Students may also find an emotional release during a Yin class.
Class will then end with yoga nidra (alert but deep restful state) Perfect way to end the day.

Rise & Flow
Friday 7am 45mins

This class is a great way to begin the day. To awaken and energise our bodies and minds. 

To set us up for day in the best way. 

Class is suitable for all abilities.



Work with Katie on a 1:1 or in some cases 1:2 basis.

This can be completely tailored to your needs and what you want to achieve. A great way to practice if you have challenging health conditions, chronic pain or mental health challenges. 


Your first session is 90 minutes and we will discuss what you want to achieve and create a plan, on which styles of yoga will aid your healing process.  

Private sessions are held at my home studio in Morecambe or can be online via zoom if your out of the area. 

Private sessions are a larger investment,

Your first session is £40 for 90 minutes. 

After this we can discuss further payment options of a monthly payment setup or a one off year investment.

I offer private sessions on Monday & Tuesdays only

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"Anybody can breathe. Therefore anybody can practice yoga."


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