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Holistic TLC


Holistic Facial

Using Tropic Skincare we clear, tone, balance and restore your skin whilst bringing a sense of balance and grounding in your physical body.

The use of breathwork, healing crystals and sound meditation is used throughout this treatment. 

Its a facial like no other!


Body Release

This treatment is not just your traditional body massage.

I use Neals Yard essential Oils to soothe and manipulate your tired muscles to releasing. 

The body release treatment is a blend of traditional massage, yoga massage and myofascial.

Heat and Tibetan sounds are used.

And you breath is the key to deep release.


Sound Healing

This is a private, tailored Sound Journey. You will lay down on a heated crystal mat, allowing your body to relax and absorb all the crystal energies from the mat and the sound bowls.

Some breathwork will be used before the sounds begin to help your body and mind relax and become present.

The bowls and instruments will then begin to sing and all you have to do is relax.

This treatment can help with release emotional tension or trauma, physical pain and bring clarity to mental health complaints.

We close this practice with a drink of cacao to ground us and continue the heart opening.

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